Cubase LE 8 doesn't see VST plug-ins


At first let me inform you that I am not very experienced with Cubase, so I might be doing an obvious mistake, but I will ask the question nonehteless.
I have quite some troubles with installing opensource VST plug-ins that I have downloaded.
I am on macOS Sierra and using Cubase LE 8 Elements that came with a field recorder.
Some of the plugins that I downloaded as .dmg have installed sucessfully, others have not succeeded. I’ve tried putting some .vst files manually in the folder which is set as a destination in the VST plug-in manager in Cubase but still without success…

So now I am wondering what am I doing wrong and how do I get the plugins that I have as .vst files on my computer (there are quite a few of them) to be seen by Cubase.

Thank you for your help!

Hi and welcome,

On Mac, it’s easy, because all plug-i s are installed to the same folder. So you don’t need to search for multiple folders as it is on Windows.

So the only one reason I could imagine is, the plug-in has been black-listed by Cubase. If it’s VST2 plug-in, open Cubase preference folder and open the VST2xBlackli.xml file. Check if the plug-in is here. If yes, delete the XML file and start Cubase again.

Thank you for your reply!

That probably is the issue, yes. But I can’t seem to find the VST2xBlackli.xml file anywhere, nor the Cubase preference folder. It doesn’t show up when I click on the application and select “show package contents“ and finder search doesn’t find it…


It should be in the Preferences folder, ie. Users/UserName/Library/Preferences(Cubase 9/Vst2xBlacklist Cubase (x86_64).xml. It is on my system in this folder.