Cubase LE 8 Download failing

I recently bought a soundcard from focusrite and it came with a code for Cubase LE 8. I used the code and I have tried to download the Installer several times now. It keeps failing at around 90% everytime. It’s a zip file with the name “Cubase_LE_8_Installer_win” and it seems to have downloaded normally on chrome but the file when opened appears to be corrupted. The file is supposed to be around 2.6 GB but the downloaded file is like 2.4 GB and I can’t install it. I been trying for hours, to download and I also have tried to create a support request but that page appears to be empty for me. Please help.


The Download link should appear again in your MySteinberg account after a time-out.

I also have the same problem downloading Cubase LE 8. I am on capped data, used more than 6 GB already retrying everytime. Any help will be appreciated!


I have bought this for my daughter for christmas and the zip file is useless. I have checked and everyone has been having the problem for months.

Why haven’t you updated the file? Instead of waiting until people complain.

I have spent hours trying to get this to work and am serverely disappointed. I will be taking this back to the shop as soon as it opens if its not sorted.


Why is the ZIP file useless, please? When it is downloaded completely, then it works.

I have bought a YAMAHA MOTIF XF7 and a ZOOM H6 Handy Recorder almost 2 years ago, and recently, a UR22 MKII audio interface, ALL bundled with Cubase LE. None of them work! Even the so called fix for Yosemite users is useless. I’ve been trying to download Cubase LE 8 for 2 days only get “an error occurred while processing your request” message halfway. 3 useless bundled softwares in a row!


UR22 mkII includes Cubase AI, not LE. Why it doesn’t work? What’s the problem?

Apologies for the wrong software info. I’ll probably repost it in the right forum later. It’s becoming really confusing after a week of trying to find a way to FINALLY download the bundled software after the previous ones failed almost 2 years ago. I got mixed up with the ones that came with the Motif XF and ZOOM H6 which is Cubase LE 6- with a yosemite fix that also never worked… Anyway, the CD that came with the UR22 MK2 only included the drivers. I followed the download instructions for Cubase AI, for several times for an entire week and failed. As I’ve mentioned, downloading stops halfway.

I really hope I could get this up and running. I would appreciate it if you can recommend other similar softwares that will work with the UR22 MK2.

Thank you.



Motif also comes with Cubase AI. ZOOM comes with Cubase LE. :wink: OK, so the installation even doesn’t start because you haven’t downloaded version yet.

The only one advice is try to download it again, please.

I’m having the same problem, I’ve tried 6 times now and the complete dmg never downloads.
It is extremely frustrating and very time consuming on a slow internet connection.
Come on Steinberg, this isn’t a good customer experience.
Please can someone help.

Tried again this morning, failed twice again, dmg was 270 meg one time, then stopped at 450 meg the second time.
There is something wrong with your server, it keeps stopping the download early.
please can someone assist.