Cubase LE 8 Elements + IK Multimedia Plugs BLACKLIST!

hello! really need help - i have my old TRacks4 plugs and buy a update pack to 5.1 version - and the new ones was landed on my DAW blacklist :neutral_face:
shiet. Why? Old plugs works perfectly - new one isnt. Plugs are loaded - but DAW didnt see in PlugIn-Menager.

Can i solve this problem? :frowning: really need those plugs to my band new CD!

PLEASE HELP ME! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the latest update of the plug-in is installed.

What happens if you delete the blacklist.xml file? Is it blacklisted again during the next start? What happens, if you delete just this one item from the blacklist.xml file?

Make sure you have installed 64-bit plug-in to 64-bit Cubase. If you are using 32-bit Cubase, make sure, you have installed 32-bit plug-in.