Cubase LE 8 from Scarlett Studio Bundle... is it free?

Hi! My name is Eric and I’m new in this Forum.

I bought the Scarlett Studio Bundle - Focusrite and it comes with this free Cubase LE 6 digital download.
But, I have a Little question. Is it really free?

I mean, I knew that as long as you registered it and actívate the codes the copy of Cubase is yours. But, the guy who was selling me the Bundle said that It was only for a couple of months.

So… I followed the instructions, installed everything and saw a Little message that said “you can use it for 30 days, and you can run the copy 300 times, after that you have to registered at no charge” and that’s all I can remember.

So, does that mean that I have my copy of Cubase LE 8 “forever”? I don’t have to buy anything unless that I want to upgrade it? Anyway, I hope you can help me out with this silly question.

Thanks guys. (:

It should be forever but the .mp3 exports are probably limited. Go to eLicense Control Center and see exactly what you license says. Time or use limited licenses will specify how much time or number of uses remaining.

Thanks man! I’ll give it a try. (:

Hey man… Where can I find it? The “eLicense Control Center”? I tried Programm Files but nothing there…
So if I have 483 hours “left” what does that mean? I can see that every time I run Cubase.