Cubase_LE_8_installer no mountable file systems

Cubase_LE_8_installer no mountable file systems

Sorry for not being able to find any info on this message I’m getting when trying to first install the LE 8 that came with my new hardware. The dmg appears to have downloaded correctly, but I can’t get any further than this message.

I’ve got the two registration numbers, an iMac, 32g, Yosemite and version 10.10.5.

Hi and welcome,

Do you install from the full installer (ISO image)? How big is the file? Is it DMG or PCKG file?

Thanks for your response.
The file name is: Cubase_LE_8_Installer_mac.dmg and it’s 257.9MB

In the meantime, I may have found the problem. I think LE 8 is not compatible with Yosemite, only LE 7 is.

Any suggestions if that’s the case?
Thank you.


The installed file is too small. Download the full installer from your MySteinberg account (log in) > Downloads.

Where did you find Cubase Le 8 is not Mac OS S Yosemite compatible?

I took the word of “Steinberg Product Compatibility Info Regarding Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite” at

The chart shows that Cubase 8.0.0 is compatible with Yosemite 10.10 but only LE 7.0.80 is.

I requested a correct version replacement from Steinberg for my Yosemite 10.10.5 and they did send LE 7.0.80 and I successfully loaded it. They also responded very quickly which was very impressive.

I didn’t see your suggestion before getting it done this other way, but I’m pretty sure I did download the first LE 8 from my MySteinberg account because I had to open one with the first auth number to get to the download page and then be issued the second auth number. Am I forgetting or missing something?