Cubase LE 8 is recording out of sync...

Hey! What’s up?

So, my Cubase LE AI Elements 8 64bit from the Scarlett Interface Bundle is recording out of sync and I don’t know why.
What can I do to fix it? It’s been doin’ it for a couple of months now and it’s becoming quite uncomfortable to record something and when I’m listening back to it, it’s out sync.

Also, the “hours left” on the top left-side corner is still showing up, first I had 545 hours “left” and now I have “250”, if my copy doesn’t expire, How can I get it to work properly without losing files?

Anyway, thanks for Reading.


Do you Record Audio or MIDI? Is it Out of sync with what? What do you try to sync? How do you sync it?

Are you on Mac or Windows?


Both, Lately when I record Audio it’s been out of sync, when I’m playing it sounds perfect but when I listen back to it, its out of sync and with Midi it always has been out of sync.

I take a note-for-note process to sync Midi, and with Audio cutting or adding extra space to it.

Windows 8.1


So do you mean with comparison to the Metronome sound?

Is it before or after the expected one? Is the delta constant?

Yes, what can I do? I don’t get the “delta” part. It’s out of sync, whether it’s a simple chord, 2 notes on midi, it a Little or too much out of sync, time, beat, whatever it is. It wasn’t like that.

And what about the “hours left”?

I’m sorry, Imstill didn’t get the answers.

Out of sync with what signal? Is the new signal ahead of the reference one or later? Is it constant or does it change?

I just connect my guitar ( DI ) to my Scarlett 2i2 audio interface via USB to my laptop, run Cubase 8, select a new or older Project (it wont matter wich one) hit record and after recording something, power chords, clean guitars, solos, melody lines, when I give it a listen, it’s out of sync, a few milisecs, sometimes I’m able to fix by cutting or adding extra-space to it with the same audio file sometimes after 20 takes, I just close the Project and go outside to take a walk to get rid of the stress. What can I do about it? Why is it failing? I love Cubase, it’s really user-friendly, I did my first album with it. I’m really happy with it, but, why is it failing? and why is the time-counter or the thing that is telling how many hours left you have is still on? How can I proof that my copy of Cubase is origina so it can stop telling me how many hours I have left? Anyway, thanks for reading.

That “how many ours left” means how long can you record with your current settings (sample rate) before your hard disk becomes full.
(Empty hard drive space)
It has nothing to do with the license.

I’m sorry, isn’t it just the common “live playing” issue? Do you need to “quantize” it, in fact (by hand)?

This is an information, how long can you record an audio signal regarding to your free disk space; recording format (Sample Rate and Bit Depth); count of Record Enabled tracks; and tracks format (mono/stereo/5.1, etc.).

Open eLicenser Control center. If you can see Cubase LE 8 license on the Soft-eLicenser, then your license is activated, so you have original copy.

Ok, didn’t thought of that. I’ll go and check it out. Thank you for your time and patience.