Cubase LE 8 not loading

I recently updated cubase Le 5 to Cubase LE 8. but every time I go to load the program, I constantly get a message saying that there is no valid license found. Yet I have updated and activated with license that was sent. How can i get passed this?


By “program”, do you mean “Cubase LE 8” here?

Please, double-check your eLicenser Control Center, there is a valid Cubase LE 8 license. Also make sure, you are using the latest eLicense Control Center version.

thanks… was using latest version, reinstalled it and now loading.

Did the same update but can’t find the installer anywhere, license is fine on both sides (eLicenser on my PC and My Products shows LE 8), just the installer binary upload is missing. Just the Cubase Pro 8.5 download is shown (did that update earlier) - no LE8 download is visible.

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Unfortunately I’m not yet running my copy of Cubase LE 8 after more than just a few steps …

Btw.If I now wanted to upgrade to Elements 8 would it be possible without actual LE8 installation? If thisLE 8 update is actually non-existent I would like to get some voucher kind of thing to be able to upgrade to Elements 8 at least.

If the LE license is present in the eLicenser, then yes.

Ok. Btw. Why don’t you tell people to download the Elements 8 Trial when they (like me) ask for Cubase LE 8 download link? LE/AI/Elements binary is the same package. For me it now shows as “full” (non-trial) LE 8 version (as I already have the LE 8 activated).

Hi !
Excatly the same issue for me !