Cubase LE 8 tracks grapichal issue

Hi everyone,

I’ve searched the forum in the hope that someone had experienced a similar issue, but had no luck…
So here’s the problem : I can work on a project with multiple tracks (all imported from wav files), and everything works normally. I save and close it, and when I come back later and reopen it to work on it again, there’s this weird graphical issue where all my tracks will look exactly the same, although they should not be identical. If I play them, they all play normally and sound exactly the way they’re supposed to… Their appearance just doesn’t match what they are anymore.

Help, anyone ???


Try to delete the Image subfolder of your project folder. All Images should be constructed again while loading the project.

Your answer made so much sense that I was really hoping it would work… But unfortunately, it doesn’t : once I have deleted the image subfolder and reopened the project, the issue is still there. Worse, when I go to the new image folder created after reopening the project, there’s only one image there (which makes sense : that’s probably why all track look alike).
Any other ideas ?


Could you send a screenshot of the Pool, please? How many files are mentioned here?

Here’s a screenshot : there ar e17 tracks total, with 11 of them mysteriously displaying the same waveform while they are completely different tracks…

This is interesting. The same Image, Info, Date, Size, but different Path. I expect the files in the path are really different, right?

Yes, they all are : those are live recordings from a multitrack, with each track being linked to a specific instrument or a separate mic

I forgot to mention that, after reading posts on a different topic, I tried to use the normalization function yesterday night. And lo and behold : it fixed the waveform issue !
My only problem is that my tracks sound just awful after normalizing them, and that I’d rather not have to use that function every time this glitch happens… Is there a way to reverse the normalization ?


Maybe, you could try any other offline process. Like Gain (set to 0dB, it shouldn’t change the file, in fact), or Phase Reverse.

Thats the weirdest thing : Gain and phase reverse don’t work. I mean, they do work but they don’t force Cubase to update the waveform. But Normalize does… I think for now I’ll just normalize and then undo normalize whenver that waveform glitch shows up.
In any case, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: