Cubase LE 9 Download give away

I bought a portable recorder that came with download access codes for Cubase 9 LE and Wave Lab LE.
I installed the software and used the e-License program to register both of these on my PC.
After trying testing the programs I realize they are not something that works for my purpose.
I would like to give away or sell the software to someone that can appreciate it.

I have the original license paperwork and there are no USB keys required (I want to keep it that way because a USB-license costs about $30 and then requires the USB to be always plugged in). But when I ran the “Resale Wizard” it suggests a USB is required. “Here is how to transfer a license from the Soft-eLicenser on the hard disk to an USB-eLicenser:”…

Isn’t there a way to transfer this software by me deleting my registration then having a new owner download and register the software? Or, some other non USB-License method?

I guess I could give a new owner my Steinberg ID, but I’d rather ovoid that if I can.


You have understood correctly. That’s how it works.

hey, you can’t give just the code?