Cubase LE 9 install KILLED ALL AUDIO

This is a Windows 8.1 laptop and I do mean ALL AUDIO - no You Tube audio, WIndows Media Player wouldn’t recognize OR play mp3, WAV or other file formats it should recognize and play. I tried other audio players, all silent! Uninstalling the main LE 9 product returned normal audio. I am completely new to DAW platforms and am eager to get started with Cubase but it’s pretty hard to record my songs without audio. I was able to install WaveLab LE 9 without losing audio but I would prefer to have a working Cubase install. Any assistance is certainly appreciated.

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I tried a second install while running an mp3 recording in Windows Media Player and a music video in You Tube. I still had audio/video while the install completed. The “cut” happens when I see the Audio set up prompt that asks me what I want to use for an Audio interface (my C1 is shown as an option). Audio is silent and the music video in You Tube shows a busy cursor - playback has stopped. Windows Media Player reports a problem with system audio that is preventing playback. This is before I respond to the prompt. I selected my C1, clicked OK, and let Cubase finish loading. I checked Device Manager and saw no yellow flag with an exclamation point or anything else to reveal any of the audio gear on my laptop wasn’t working. I next tried shutting everything down and rebooted my laptop. On the reboot I had audio working. Guess this is something of a bug? The first time you load Cubase after installing it, the Audio interface prompt cuts video AND audio?

Looks like your Interface driver (whichever interfgace that is) is not multiclient capable.
Try the “Release ASIO Driver when application is in background” Option somewhere in the VST Audio System menu IIRC

I’m running 9.5 and in the pull down menus I only see (re: VST) Studio>VST Plug-In Manager and Studio>VST Instruments. In File>Preferences I have VST and VST>Plug-Ins and neither show that setting. Also in the 9.5 Operation Manual the phrase “release ASIO driver when” doesn’t appear. In working on my first project I found short audio interruptions when playing my synth through my CI1, when running a You Tube video related to what I was attempting to do. I was able to perform my first pass on my first project without any interruptions thankfully.

I also have this problem I think. Cubase works fine, but I can’t get sound from any other applications after I run Cubase. I have a simple fix, that I uninstall my Steinberg CI2 sound driver and everything will work fine after a reboot until I start Cubase again and it seems to lock up the driver. I also had this problem on Cubase 6 and hoped upgrading to 9.5 would fix the problem, but nope. The problem seemed to happen after I upgraded my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (like I had much of a choice).

The “Release Driver when Application is in Background” option is found in the Cubase Studio>Studio Setup>VST Audio System menu.

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Thank you Prock! That also got rid of the Audio device errors when I closed/reopened my laptop

I have the same problem. After I open AND CLOSE Cubase PRO, all the audio from Windows is gone. I cannot play a mp3 or anything. I don’t mind that Cubase takes full control of my sound interface when it’s open, but when I close it, it should release the sound interface. i have to re-start my PC every time I open & close Cubase if I need to hear anything.

Is there a fix for this? a process that could be closed or anything?

I have The “Release Driver when Application is in Background” option checked and it doesn’t fix my problem.