Cubase le ai 10.5 to 12 upgrade woes HELP

I purchased the upgrade to 12

Cubase Elements 12 Upgrade from Cubase AI / LE 4 -11 or Essential

however, after entering the access code in the download assistant, it prompted me to upgrade my license. However, the elicenser control is nowasking me about a usb elicenser, which I never had. How do i move past it?

I had heard cubase 12 was meant to not depend on usb licenser and 10.5 elements never required one, so I’m very confused. Thanks in advance!

What is the exact license you currently have (as displayed in the eLCC)?

If you have a 10.5 Elements license, I’m afraid you purchased the wrong product.

If I’m correct, this is the one you need …

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Thank you - the one I have is this:
Is there a solution to this


Get in contact with AskNet (which operates the Steinberg Online Ship) and ask for refunding. Buy the correct upgrade, please.


The good news is that the update you need is actually less expensive than the one you incorrectly purchased. Hopefully you can get a refund.

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Thank you folks, this got exchanged successfully and @scab_pickens is right! :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m happy things worked out for you.