Cubase LE AI 10 - MacOS Catalina - problem installing additional content - VST

Hi everybody,

it’s crazy what’s going on with Steinberg and MacOS; i’m trying to install my version of Cubase 10 LE AI 10 and i cant install properly all VST.
I downloaded the full version (over 25gb i believe) and the installer create just the software without all the plugins.
Opening Cubase the software looks for all those VST missing.
i try also using the software Library manager but once i try install Cubase the software tells me something about wrong version or old version (of course i downloaded the latest one).
Well i’m looking constantly for answer and i can see that a lot of people had the same problem but i cant find any way to fix the problem; i’m trying also to contact Steinberg but i can’t find any way to do it.
Please can somebody give me a final solution? i’m really getting crazy now (i also change from High Sierra to Catalina but nothing changed).

Thank you

Hi and welcome,

Could you please attach the exact error messages? So we know exactly what’s happening and what should we try to solve for you.

that’s the error when i first install Steinberg Library Manager and then Cubase:
“Steinberg Library Manager privileged helper has wrong version (-1,-1). Failed to establish privileged helper! Please get the latest Steinberg Library Manger and reinstall!”

If i try to install just Cubase the software just won’t install the additional contents (groove agent, etc.).