Cubase LE AI 6 soft-lic upgraded to Cubase Artist 8 USB-lic

I received “Cubase LE AI Elements 6” free on a CD with my Yamaha MX 49 synthesizer. I installed it under Windows 8.1 as 64-bit activated it with the soft-licenser and have been using without a USB key for weeks.

Yesterday, I went to the web site and purchased and installed an upgrade from that software to Cubase Artist 8 (Windows 8.1, installed as 64-bit). I downloaded my purchase, so there is no USB key. I’ve been struggling with the instructions to activate it, because it seems that a USB key is required, yet I wasn’t sold one with my software. Do I need to go back to the Steinberg site and buy a key to activate my upgrade?

as far as I know when you purchase an upgrade to artist or pro from AI you need a USB-licenser.It says that an additional USB-elicenser required.

I’ve got cubase 8AI and if I were to get Artist,I’d just buy the boxed DVD version that includes a usb elicenser for around 199GBP from many shops out there.Many online shops sell elicensers.Find the best deal on ebay,etc and get one.
I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a link to an outside shop. :confused:

Thank you very much! I called my local Guitar Center and they sell the keys, so I can be up and running today. Thanks again!