cubase LE AI 8

Having problems with Ozone Izotopes and karma fx …I tried to use ozone 4 and and ozone 6 and was unable to get it to work …does these plug in even work for this version of Cubase…they worked perfect on Cubase 7 and I cant understand why not 8…please help asap…these are some of my comfort zone plug in and imma little rattled now that I have Cubase 8 and I cant get anything to work…can u give me the correct root file to install the .dll file in I tried c:steinberg/cubase elements/components… and I tried vst and vst3 …nothing!! .are there any alternate plugins that work similar or better I can get for free or cheap …if there is no solution is it possible to downgrade to Cubase 7 ??? please help Cubase customer since Cubase 4…thanks you!!!


Could you describe more, what doesn’t work, please? Does it crash? Can you open the plug-in GUI? Can you controll parameters? Does the signal go thru?

Make sure, you have the latest Cubase and also plug-in update, please.

no crash…the main problem is I cant get Ozone 4 or Karma to work its not recognizing it at all …I tried putting the .dll file where its supposed to go.c:program/Steinberg/.Cubase elements /components and nothing…does Cubase ai le 8 support it if not how do I down grade to Cubase 7


There is no reason, why it should works in Cubase AI/LE 8. Check please if the Ozone plug-in is not in the Blacklist.

The default LE vstplugin folder for vst2 is C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins.

Components folder is not for vst plugins.

If you get totally stuck you can still run 7 on your license while you sort it out … but I’m not sure where you’ll find an installer for it.

You can find installer of all Cubase versions. :wink: