Cubase LE / AI 9 and Native Instruments S88 Keyboard

Hi - Does anyone use the Native Instruments S88 keyboard with Cubase LE/AI 9? I am trying to determine what versions of Cubase the keyboard supports.

Please note that I have tried to use the NI Forums but with no luck. I just registered but every forum I enter states that I have no privilege to post. (sigh)

I am looking at purchasing the keyboard and would like to know what versions of Cubase are supported.




This rings me a bell somehow… If I remember right, some (older? or maybe even current) NI keyboard are/were using one technology, which is not available in Cubase LE AI Elements. Therefore the full functionality is/was available in Cubase Pro (and maybe Cubase Artist). But unfortunately I don’t remember exactly, which technology is/was it to be able to tell you exactly.