Cubase LE AI 9 VST issues

recently my computer has crashed causing me to lose many files and for the past 2 years prior to this i was using cubase LE AI elements 9 with groove agent SE and halion sonic SE almost every single day, since the crash i have been able to recover the software and resolve other issues i had with the download assistant, but now i face issues with the VST’s, when i go into VST plug in manager it tells me that both halion sonic SE and groove agent SE are active yet when i load a VST track and choose either halion sonic SE or groove agent SE, they are both empty and provide me with no instruments at all…
i have no idea why its doing this and im just hoping someone could give me a few tips in the right direction because ive tried just about everything that the website and tutorials has told me to do and i just want to be able to get back to making music as soon as possible…

Hi and welcome,

What do you mean by the plug-ins are empty? Is the GUI completely black? Or there are no sounds/libraries in it?

If the first is truth, then there is a GUI issue and you should double-check if your graphic card is supported by Cubase,

If the 2nd is truth, install Cubase from the Full Installer to get the whole library, please.