Cubase LE AI Ele 6 bought with THR10 "out of date"

I am a total newby. Some time ago, over a year ago, I bought a Yamaha THR 10 amp, it came with a dvd of Cubase 6.
I am retired and slow. Only now, over a year later, maybe more, I installed the DVD on my mac because I wanted to record.
When I try to start it, it says it is out of date and cannot be used.
I think this is very unfair. I never started it before and did not know you had to register (free of charge) within two months of installing.
My point is the two months should start when you install it, i.e. now. Not when you bought it.
Can anyone help me please?
thanks a lot

Hi and welcome,

Could you send the message exactly, please? Is it Cubase or eLicenser message? Could you send a screenshot, please?