Cubase LE AI Elements 7 Help - New Laptop Reactivation

[tl;dr: broke old laptop (irreparable) with cubase on, want it on new laptop without having to repurchase]

Hello all
Very new to Cubase and recording etc (and not too tech savvy to be honest - apologies!)- I bought the Steinberg UR22 the other month and was just beginning to get to grips with it when I spilt some tea on my laptop…
Turns out the system board can’t be replaced and so the laptop is not functioning. The repair guys rescued my hard drive (including program files etc) so I have access to that via USB caddy.
I’ve bought a new laptop and would like to get Cubase up and running again so have tried reactivation via MySteinberg and a few other things but getting nowhere as I need the soft elicenser code thing from my old laptop - which I can’t access.
So just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I should do and how to reactivate Cubase on my new laptop - would really appreciate any help - cheers.
Many thanks