Cubase LE AI Elements 8 crashing on Mix Control


I’ve activated Cubase LE AI Elements 8 a while ago and when I was working back then with it, there was no problems. I’ve just installed a clean version of Windows 10, downloaded Cubase, eLicenser - everything I needed. I activated it successfully, but now I have a problem. Every time I open MixConsole or press the ‘e’ button where the all shortcut buttons are on selected track on the left Cubase crashes and exits out. All the progress is gone and everything. It’s quite annoying that I can’t access MixConsole :confused:
Any suggestions on why that could be happening?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you have the latest Cubase Elements/AI/LE 8 installed. It’s Cubase 8.0.40.

Most of the crashes while opening MixConsole comes from plug-ins. What plug-ins do you use? Any 3rd party? Make sure, they are up to date too, please.

Yes, I’ve installed the latest version. And it is complete fresh default installment as well. I haven’t put any plugins or anything. I even re-installed it, but it still crashes when opening MixConsole


Could you try Safe Start Mode, please?

What OS do you use?

I already tried Safe Start Mode as well.
And I am using Windows 10

Could you share the crashlog via PM with me, please?

I’m having the same problem. Also uninstalled everything and reinstalled but no luck. Any idea how to fix?