Cubase LE AI Elements 8 vs Cubase 8?

Question: I successfully loaded the Cubase LE AI Elements 8 on my MacBook Pro, and it all works fine. I downloaded what I thought was an update from the website called: cubase_8.0.30_update_mac.dmg

I now have two separate icons showing on my desktop. The first one “Cubase LE AI Elements 8” runs fine, and the second one (which I think is the update?) gives me the prompt that there is no license located. I can click to I set up the license, but why? I am stumped? My license is on a eLicenser USB drive.

Is the new icon the latest and greatest version? Why do I need to set up a new license? Do I have to do this for every update?

Very confusing???


First of all, you have to find, which version of Cubase (AI, LE or Elements) do you own. The best way is to find it in the eLCC application. Then, you have to download the relevant AI, LE or Elements 8.0.30 update. The update you downloaded is an update for Cubase Pro 8.

I downloaded, and am running Cubase AI 8. It came with a Yamaha mixer I just purchased.

Then this is the 8.0.30 update for you.

Bear with me here. That is exactly what I downloaded, and when I try to launch the program from that new icon on my desktop, it prompts me with “No valid license found”, “start license activation”, or “Cancel”. ?? Not sure where to go from here? I did check in my eLicense Control Center, and now there is a new soft license there that was not there before? Help is much appreciated!!

What is the second Soft license? Of which software?

I actually have no idea? It says it’s a soft e-Licenser with a 10 digit code, then a dash, then another 10 digit code?

So what labels are on the two icons you have on the desktop?

If the file you downloaded is called exactly what you say it is then it’s not the same thing Martin has pointed you to.

One Icon is titled “Cubase LE AI Elements 8”, and the other icon is titled “Cubase 8”. The Cubase 8 is the one that doesn’t work.

All evidence suggests that you have used the wrong updater…You should uninstall “Cubase 8” and download the correct updater from that link.


Soft-eLicenser is OK. In fact it is a must. Your Cubase AI8 is stored on it. But there should be only one Cubase AI license.

You are on Mac, so delete Cubase 8 from your Applications folder, and keep only Cubase AI LE Elements. Then download the updated once again from my link, to make sure, you have the correct one, and install it, please.

Did what you said!
Thank you so very much! I am just learning this, and you really helped me a lot!!