Cubase LE Ai Elements 9.5 and VST plugins

Good afternoon! Sorry for my english =)
I’m a Steinberg ur 242 audio interface complete with the Cubase LE Ai Elements 9.5 software user.
I faced the inability to play with guitar VST plugin working while recording. I would like to know if that feature is implemented in the version Cubase LE Ai Elements 9.5? I only can record clean sound and apply plugins after that. I’d like to hear effects while recording.
Thank you for your attention.

Yes you can do this. In general you insert the VST effect on the audio track you are recording to. Then choose which effect you want to use. Then make sure the effect is “Activated” in the VST editor window. When it is activated you will hear the effect during recording and playback. If not activated you will only hear the “dry” recording of your guitar without the effect.

Regards :sunglasses: