CUBASE LE AI ELEMENTS 9 is closing when previewing a sample in MEDIA BAY

hi! is there anyone who can help me? my CUBASE LE AI ELEMENTS 9 is always closing when I preview or populate a loop or a sample in media bay…

Hi and welcome,

Most probably cubase crashes. Could you share the crash/DMP file, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

hi martin, thanks for the reply. i dont see any crash/dmp file after cubase closes, where do i find it? this incident only happens when i access the media bay from the right region, but when i use the shrotcut f5, it works fine, at least for now… kindly help me.

Hi martin, ive found a crash/dmp file… please see the attachment…
Cubase Elements 64bit 2020.5.11 18.40.dmp (706 KB)


The crash is in Cubase. If I’m right, you have clicked to any preset which contains the virtual keyboard in the Preview section. This keyboard doesn’t appear and made Cuabse crash.

Cubase 9.0 is not in the development for 2 years now. So what I would try would be to start Cubase in Safe Start Mode or reinstall Cubase.