Cubase LE AI Elements can't find my vst's

Hello everyone,

I recently started to work with LE AI after a while with Cubase 5.
Before the installation I’ve uninstalled Cubase 5, removed the VST’s from the original folder and kept them on a backup folder.
After that I installed Cubase LE AI Elements 7 64bit successfully.
After the installation, I created a new VST folder on my E drive, and changed the plug-in path in Cubase from my C/Steinberg/VST to my VST flder on E drive. But after updating the plug-in information - no new plugins found.
It shows me on the list the plug-ins which come with cubase although there’re not on that folder.
I deleted the original path to C VST and left only the E path, but still no VST recognized.

I admit that i’m still new to cubase although I work with it for a while now, it’s still complicated to me, so I guess I did something wrong along the way in the installation process, but I can’t figure out what.
If something is unclear, please tell me.
Please help me resolve this issue.