Cubase LE AI Elements - Save settings in mix console

Hi guys,

I’m slowly starting to get used to the basic functions in Cubase and its certainly not easy for a beginner in music production.

However, I am recording a 4 Track metal EP at the moment, each track is a separate project.

I am quite happy with the the mix of my first track and would like to save the mix setting, so I can tweak around and go back to that state of settings I liked so far at a later point.
Also, once I am completely satisfied with that mix I would like to transfer the settings to my other songs.

From what I read on this (very helpful) forum here is, that when I click the down pointed arrow I have the possibility to save my mixer settings. However, this option is not available in my Cubase Elements version. Is there any workaround how I can save my mixing settings (and apply them later to other songs)?

Thanks and cheers :slight_smile:


In Cubase Elements are the options limited. Not the ideal one, but available also in Cubase Elements, is to save the Track Preset of every single track and then load them one by one in the other project.

Thanks, I will try this!

Really disappointing how limited Cubase Elements is in certain aspects…