Cubase LE AI Elements Trial activation

I tried install Cubase LE AI Elements Trial different times and followed some articles on the elicenser issue.
Whatever I do after starting Cubase it comes with the activation screen and I can only stop the program.

How can I use a trial version?

Hi nad welcome,

Are you sure this is an Activation Screen? Isn’t it Registration screen? If yes, click to “Already Registered”.

Activation screen

I have to add an activation code.


Did you already activate your Cubase Elements Trial in the eLicenser Control Center?

well that’s what I try to figure out
Where get the code for trial version?


You should definitely receive it via email. Could it is also in your MySteinberg account.

I wish it was.

In MySteinberg I see the elicenser is registered but no licenses found.
In the elicenser itself I see no codes under My Licenses either

No email received…