Cubase LE Audio Problems

i just got my AKAI MPK249 and got the free License of LE with it.
I’m trying to work things out with it, but everytime I start it, it breaks other Audio / Video players, meaning a youtube video for example just stops working and does not work again until I close LE and reload the page.
Is there a way to fix this? I’m currently watching a lot of video guides for Cubase and this makes progress reeeaaallly inconvient.
I’m running it on Win10 x 64.

Thanks a lot in advance, feel free to ask questions about my system etc, as I’m not sure what is important.

The driver of your sound card/audio interface is not able to work for Cubase and for some other application, which needs the driver, at the same time. You must check “Release the driver when Application is in background” in Cubase Device Setup - VST Audio System