Cubase LE-Channel trouble

Hi- I bought a Komplete Audio 6 and installed the version of Cubase that came with it. I had been using the Audio 6 with Garageband so I know it works fine but I am having problems with the new setup. When I plug my bass into the interface there is a signal on the recording bar but I can’t assign it to a track. I am using the Instrument selection which seems to make the most sense and choosing Mono. I have no trouble using my MIDI controller. I have a Macbook and can be more specific about specs if necessary. I’ve searched the internet and can’t find a solution to a problem no one else seems to have had. Thanks

I’m a little confused by “a signal on the recording bar” and “I am using the Instrument selection”.

By recording bar, do you mean you see a signal level at your interface input but can’t figure out how to assign that signal to your Cubase track?

You are going to have to explain a little further about the “Instrument selection”.

Also, what is this mysterious “version of Cubase that came with it”?

It’s Cubase LE6. By recording bar I mean (in Cubase) the strip (or whatever the proper term actually is) that has the play, fast forward, tempo setting, input levels etc. I get a signal in my interface and a signal reaches the “strip” but I can’t assign it to a track. By Instrument I mean I click on Project, Add Track and then have to select Audio, Instrument or Midi. I choose Instrument because it seems to make the most sense. I installed a patch from the Steinberg site thinking that was part of the problem but I am still floundering. Thanks for trying to help.

Scab Pickens? Is that an ode to Slim? He is great in Catch 22.

You could simply start by reading the manual. That would give you an idea about the proper terms, and about how to set up Cubase. In addition you would already have found out, that for recording audio, choosing an " instrument track" is the completely wrong approach…

You need to set up your VST Connections and track inputs correctly.

Instrument tracks are for VST instruments (MIDI). You want an audio track for recording your bass.


I understand that the wording used to describe things can be challenging at first.

So, start with configuring your VST Connections for your interface. Then create an audio track and assign the proper input.

Somewhat. Here’s a Slim/Scab combo courtesy of numnutz @ The Forest of Northwood Mediaworks …


Report back. You’ll get it figured out.