Cubase LE Crackling when using VST sends and Master effects

Hey everybody!

I’ve a problem with Cubase LE, I get crackling when I use plug-ins as VST sends and as Master effects, though there’s no crackling when I use them as inserts. Which limits me to two effects by stem, and prevents me using a master limiter… Not the best of situations.

Anyone got an idea? Many thanks for your suggestions!
Rock on.

(My OS is Windows 8.1, 64 bits)


Increase the Buffer Size (latency), please. Open Devices > Device Setup. Under the VST Audio System, select the driver. On the right-side, click the Control Panel button. Depending on your sound card, some window appears. Increase the Buffer Size (or Latency) parameter here.

Thanks Martin.
I increased the number of buffers from 4 to the maximum 12, and the buffer size from the preset 128ko to the max 256ko, but that hasn’t made any difference unfortunately…
Thanks anyway.


Can you hear the crackling even if you export the music (offline process, please)?

Hi Martin

Well there’s a surprise! I put some reverb on a track as a send effect, and some limiter as a master effect, and there’s no crackling on the exported wav file.
Problem solved! Many thanks.