Cubase LE Elements 10.5 crashing after Komplete Kontrol installed

Hi there,

My version of Cubase (as above) crashes unexpectedly after opening (I’m using a macOS Monterery 12.6.3. The issue started after I installed the software for my new Komplete Kontrol keyboard.

I’ve tried going through the crash report to understand what has been causing this (initially a VST was being listed, which I’ve since removed but the issue has persisted. I’ve also removed and updated both Cubase and Komplete Kontrol.

I’m at a bit of a loss here - finding it difficult to understand what I need to do. Can anyone provide any help here?

I can paste the crash report here if helpful - there’s 78 threads to this though.

Many thanks in advance!


Cubase 10.5 is not officially compatible with macOS 12.

To be able to get more information, attach the *.ips crash file, please.

Hi Martin, thanks for getting back to me. Here’s the crash report (attached)
Crash report.pdf (259.9 KB)


The crash is out of Cubase in the network area:

Thread 78 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:

Do you use Dropbox, Gdrive or similar service by any chance? Do you use any network drive?

I use Dropbox and Gmail through my browser, but not for project work and don’t use a network drive, no. I do have Dropbox and Gmail downloaded apps - should I remove? It wouldn’t be a biggie for me.

Again, thanks for getting back to me man, appreciate this.


It’s worth to try, I would say. You can install it back anytime, if it appears this is not the source of the crash.

Unfortunately it’s still crashing :frowning:


Could you attach new crash file to verify if the crash still happens at the same place?


New crash report.pdf (524.4 KB)


The crash is still at the same network area:

Crashed Thread:
Exception Type: Exception Codes: Exception Codes: Exception Note:
150 Dispatch queue:

So sorry for the delay, I was away for my birthday. Is there a way to isolate this / get to the bottom of what is actually causing this then?


I would try to ask Apple support with this.