Cubase LE elements 11 - forgetting inputs

Hello, i’m a pc user using cubase elements 11 with a behringer XR18 as my interface.
I’ve had no issue ever since I purchased elements a few months ago, however in the past few days it just completely forgets all my routings for inputs and outputs. I’d created labelled inputs in the ‘audio connections’ tab but now its reset to default stereo in - stereo out. It’s unbelievably frustrating.
I spent an hour the other day re-inputting all the connections and renaming them only to find that it had ‘sort of’ worked, rather than being in the ‘hardware inputs’ of the ‘add track’ section they were now in the lower BUS connection section.
But, today…it had forgotten that again, the pc and mixer had not been switched off this time so it had just done this whilst the program was closed!

What on earth is going on? can anyone help?

Many thanks


The Inputs and the Outputs are stored in the project. So if you open an old project, you are back.

hi, I’ve tried opening an old project but it has removed all the names of the inputs and outputs from that project too and only leaves the used inputs of that project and un-named