HAVING an issue arming a track and recording, i am using a zoom h4npro, works fine in garage band on iMac yosemite 10.10
I can press record on an instrument track for instance, and nothing is recording, its like the program does not get the input but i can see the bar raising by the volume meter. then when i stop record, the grey portion disappears, even though nothing was recorded. my i/o sees the input and output for zoom h4 and is selected.can someone give me a hand with getting tracks to record. i am most likely no assigning something as i am completely new to this program and garageband was much easier to navigate thank you!!!

Hi nad welcome,

Instrument track is used for Virtual Instruments (VSTi). Expected input is MIDI data. But you want to Record an Audio.

Add an Audio (stereo or mono, Regarding the source) track, please.