Cubase LE for speech


First some background. I recently purchased an audio interface/pre-amp that included a license to Cubase LE. My use of audio is 1)in my HowTo YouTube videos, and 2)editing Zoom recordings of multiple speakers. My need is noise reduction in the YouTube videos (my HowTo videos are recorded in the shop/out in the field, etc. i.e. not a studio) and noise reduction, compression and leveling in the Zoom recordings (some speakers can hardly be heard, while others sound like they are shouting). There is no music, vocals, instruments, etc, so I am not mixing.

Now for the ask. I currently use Audacity to perform these tasks. Can Cubase LE do a better job?

Thank you.

p.s. Please do not ask me to give you my LE access code. I may not use LE today, but I might in the future. Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

There is no denier plug-in in any Cubase edition. WaveLab is used for this task. Or you would need to buy 3rd party plug-in to use it in Cubase.

For mixing, yes, Cubase is the right one and LE edition can handle it.