Cubase LE install process

I purchased an Audio 6 box that came with Cubase LE. The “Software serial” number (25 alphanumeric characters in groups of 5) included with the hardware doesn’t seem to be accepted anywhere. I can’t enter it as a download access code (“the download access code does not exist - 404”). I’ve downloaded and installed the Steinberg download assistant, Cubase LE 10, and eLicenserCC, and nothing will accept the code. I’ve been on this forum, and been round and round in circles on the Steinberg website, and watched several you-tube videos that make it look easy, but nothing works. Nothing talks about a “Software serial number” that I’ve been given, and nothing that I’ve tried to use will accept this number.

Any ideas?

Finally found it. I must have typed in this code 20 times, and read an S as a 5 every time. My bad.