Cubase LE not connecting with audio interface

Hi, I’m looking for help. I have a zoom H4nPro and am looking to record to cubase using it as an audio interface. I have the zoom connected correctly (based on that it will record to Protools First), and it is showing a sound signal. But even though I’ve selected it in the device setup and set up busses in VST connections, there is no audio showing in cubase. No sound bar when I make noise in the speakers, and it won’t record. I’ve put in a help ticket at Steinberg but it’s been a week and no response. I also know that it’s not the driver, because the driver worked with another DAW which I don’t want to use for other reasons. :confused: Can anyone help?

Input monitor activated on the track?

I clicked on the red record button and the yellow monitor button. Is that correct?