Cubase LE not recording MIDI notes from Maschine

Greetings music makers! I’m totally new to this forum so I apologize if I get anything wrong.

I’m running Cubase LE 10.5.30 with Maschine 2.0, using a MK3 controller.

I’ve created an instrument track with Maschine 2. Group inputs have been set for manual key mode on channel 1 with the start note at C3.

Midi input set to Default source on channel 1. Output set to host, channel 1. Group MIDI batch setup - sounds to MIDI notes

I can hear my kit. I can see the signal jumping on the channel but when I press record it doesn’t capture anything.

Oh, if it helps, I’m using a focusrite scarlet 2i2 as an interface. Windows 10.

Thanks for your time! I appreciate any advice you can give.


Welcome !

As I’m not familiar with Maschine, this one is difficult to grasp…

So, the most evident one, as it seems that you can hear properly your kits : are you sure that your track is record enabled (the black round button in the instrument track header - shortcut : R by default), when pressing the Record transport button ?

Hi there,

Thanks for the response! Yeah, I have the track record enabled. When I record I can see the grey bar telling me it’s recording that track but when I stop recording there are no midi notes.

I’ve attached a screenshot if that helps :slight_smile:


OK. So…

  1. Can you do also a screenshot of the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup pane ?

  2. Beside this (as I absolutely don’t know how the Maschine system is working), could you explain a little more these ? It’s obviously a way to describe a Maschine setup, but well…

  1. Are you sure that you have, in the Preferences > MIDI pane, the MIDI Thru Active setting enabled ?

FWIW, I’m using BFD3 with an Akai MPD32 controller. I have no issue using them both together with more or less the same setup (a pad controller triggering a drum VSTi kit via an instrument track).

Barry, did you get this resolved? I’m struggling with the same issue.
What I think I’m seeing/hearing is the Analog output of the Maschine Software in Cubase. Great, but I can’t record the MIDI which is my goal. I’m thinking that the MIDI info doesn’t exit the Maschine software and get to Cubase, Just the analog. Any guidance would be great. Thank you.