Cubase LE OEM - compressed surround sound on S/PDIF output ?

I have a copy of Cubase LE 1 OEM (EMU) and have a creative labs soundcard (Audigy 2ZS Notebook). The soundcard has an analog output for up to 7.1 surround sound and also has a digital output. I have read that S/PDIF can carry two-channel PCM audio or a multichannel compressed surround sound (eg. Dolby Digital, DTS). In Cubase LE I can send audio signals via analog surround sound to front or rear speakers by changing the bus (after activating the required bus). For example, track 1 is set to bus 1 and track 2 is set to bus 2 and I get surround sound. I want to know if I can do a similar sort of thing but using the digital (S/PDIF) out instead ?