Cubase LE Question

Where can I purchase a LE version of Cubase or a cut down version of Cubase on USB? Or is it only available as a CD software? I recently had a computer crash and lost all my Cubase software so need to purchase a new version but only a cut down version. My Cubase I had been using was a Cubase LE5. Also my new computer does not have a CD drive so looking at a USB installation.

Hi and welcome,

The lowest derivative you can buy is Cubase Elements. Cubase LE and Cubase AI are an OEM versions bundled with some HW products.

The license of Cubase Elements is always Soft-eLicense, by default. Then you can transfer it to the USB-eLicenser, if you want to. The installer is available from your MySteinberg account, if you registered your Cubase license (before your computer crashed).

If you didn’t register your Cubase LE 5 license, contact your local Steinberg dealer/support or official Steinberg support for the replacement code.