Cubase Le / R24 Mackie Control Connectivity Issue

R-24 with latest ASIO Driver ( as of 3-16-14)
Cubase Le6 (that came with the R24)
Windows Vista Home Premium

Start Computer…“Execute” R24…Start Cubase…

Sometimes when I start Cubase, the R24 works perfectly as the “Mackie Control” (All functions work…Faders, Play/Stop/Record/FF/RW/Punch In/Out/Markers, Etc.)

Sometimes, the R24 only works as an interface…(No Mackie Control, but Inputs / Outputs work fine).

If I close Cubase and re-start (sometimes 4-5 times) the Mackie Control eventually works.

I’ve updated drivers, changed cables and checked settings…Still the problem occurs. It doesn’t occur everytime I fire up the system, but it occurs maybe once every three times I fire up everything.

Anyone have any idea what may be causing this problem?