Cubase LE Reactivation impossible

Hi all,

I obtained my copy of Cubase LE about five years ago together with Zoom H1 recorder and have used it from time to time (as I’m not a pro) until a couple of days ago when I had hardware failure on my computer, so I had to re-install my operating system together with all the apps.

However, I failed to re-activate Cubase LE. I installed it okay, but I can’t get the license to work. I followed these instructions:
helpcenter. steinberg. de /hc/en -us/articles/206530004 (the forum doesn’t allow links, so I put spaces in the URL)

But when I go to MySteinberg Account and then to the Products page, and when I click ‘Show eLicenser-based products’, there is no Cubase LE on the list, as if I never owned the product. There is only WaveLab Cast OEM, so I cannot reactivate the Cubase LE license.

Is there a way for me to get a new license for the existing product or do I have to buy a new one?

Thanks in advance

  • Is it possible you never registered your elicenser to your account

  • Could you have registered that elicenser to another account?

Thanks for trying to help, Steve!

I do have another account I opened even before this one (I got the product with Yamaha AG03 mixing console), but I no longer use that computer. When I log into that account, it’s even worse: there are no products listed in the ‘Show eLicenser-based products’.

I tried taking the paper with Cubase Download Information I got with my device, and then downloading the Steinberg Download Assistant, and interestingly both Cubase and WaveLab are listed under ‘My product downloads’, but when I insert the Download access code from the paper, it says that the code is ‘already consumed by abother user’

If I skip that part and just let the Download Assistant install the product automatically, I end up being stuck again. After the software is installed, it says ‘No valid license found’, and then when I start license activation it asks me to enter a 32-digit activation code. I use the old one I got five years ago and it says it has been used already.

Is there a way to generate a new activation code?
I mean, I have everything – the registered account, the paper, and I honestly don’t understand why I’m being prevented from re-activating the software. It’s been a hassle, really.