Cubase LE - Recording Audio / output to rear speakers

I have Cubase LE 1 and I am trying to record audio via line-in to a channel that has output routed to BUS 2 (rear speakers). Instead, the sound comes through the front speakers instead. I know I have BUS 2 set up correctly and working because I have something already recorded on another channel. I can play back through BUS 2 and the sound comes from the rear speakers. I have even tried assigning BUS 1 to rear speakers and BUS 2 to front speakers incase recording output through BUS 1 only, but that does not work.

How can I record audio for the surround sound speakers if I the sounds only come from the front speakers while recording ? If there is nothing I can do I will have to swap the speakers over, as previously recorded channels will still output correctly even when recording.