CUBASE LE - The 1st one !!!

Well, I am showing my age here, but I finally got my hardware kind of set up after a few years, and I have the software for the original Cubase LE - but I have Windows 10, and I seem to be having trouble getting it to work properly. I don’t know if I should trouble with it or whether I should buy some updated software which has probably changed greatly these past few years. If I do that, which one ? I don’t need anything too fancy. Which Cubase product would work best? I just records mostly simple acoustic guitar stuff, and want to fool around with drums, base, etc.

When I try to install Cubase LE - I get a small pop up that says “something failed” but it will still allow the install to keep going. However, when I try to open the software, Windows says there’s a problem, and shuts it down. Then I read something about WMD drivers, and wound up downloading a WDK “kit”. This did not seem to help. I installed Steinberg elicensure, and this doesn’t seem to work either. Wah…

If anyone has any advice with this, thank you for taking the time.

Hi and welcome,

It would be helpful to get more detailed information from you.

What Cubase LE version exactly do you have? Could you describe step by step you did, and the exact message, which appears?