Cubase LE Upgrade


I have the Cubase LE which I wanted to upgrade to Cibase Artist, but I accidentally bought an upgrade from Cubase Elements to Cubase Artist, I then sent a ticket about this mistake, the response I got is that the cancellment requires verifying that the license hasn’t been used yet and that this process is in progress. I got no other response since and meanwhile I got by mail the USB eLicenser.

I thought about the option of buying the upgrade from LE to Elements, and then using my upgrade from Elements to Artist, the price will be the same in total. But I don’t know if it would work, or if the license will suddenly won’t be effective because of my ticket.

What should I do?

I’m not sure if it helps but Artist version can be activated only on USB licencer.
Install your USB licencer and open eLicencer Control Center on your computer.
Click the USB Licencer tab and take a screen shot and send it to support?
Or, go to your Steinberg account to Software tab and there should be stated that your upgrade is not activated yet.

I hope it helps

PS: As a side note (advise maybe?)

I was an Elements user since Cubase 8. At version 10 or 10,5 I decided to upgrade to Artist.
I regretted this decision very quickly. Within a month or two I moved to Pro version.
If you are really ready to go to higher version of Cubase then see if you can get refund and go straight to Pro version. The difference between Elements and Artist is minimal, it is better to go straight to Pro. It will save you money on upgrading again in a couple of months.

Thanks for that. But for some reason I don’t get any help from their support in my country.

Does the solution I gave can work? If I upgrade from LE to Elements will I be able to use my upgrade from Elements to Artist on that?

It is possible to upgrade an upgraded license. I don’t know whether the cancellment “process in progress” in your particular case affects this in some way.