Cubase LE - vocal cycle record 'takes", with lanes?

Hi - I’m looking at the Akai EIE Pro, which comes loaded with Cubase LE.

I’m wondering - does it have the ability to cycle record between locators, with lanes saved for each take (like the full Cubase)?

If not … what is the best way to do that sort of thing? Does one have to stop each time and record on a new track?

Thanks -

Cubase Le what?
has the manuals that certainly answer you question…

Thank you for your response, thinkingcap. I am looking on the Steinberg site. The purpose of my post was to ask for possible additional information from a user of the Cubase LE that comes w/ the EIE Pro unit, a moderator, or anyone else that might know the answer for some reason.

Do you have this hardware unit, or otherwise have experience with the Cubase Le that comes with it, or know the answer to the question asked based on your extensive experience?


I do have a copy of Cubase LE 5, and IIRC, it has cycle recording, but no lanes.

Thanks, that’s good to know.