Cubase Le with Tascam 2x2 USB Interface for audio clips

I’m testing record turntables and need a way to record short audio clips using the Tascam 2x2 USB Interface with the included Cubase LE software download. I havnt downloaded LE software to a Win 10 Laptop yet and I’m not even sure if the Tascam 2x2 was what I should have purchased to make short audio clips while testing record turntables. I’ll be recording large numbers of short audio clips while testing tone arm cartridges etc…
Will the combination of the Cubase Le and the Tascam 2x2 work to make the short audio clips like I’m needing? I purchased the Tascam but havnt tried to use it yet… and am considering returning it for another Tascam product if necessary. Thanks for the help Frank


You can do the work with that setup.

Myself, I would use a turntable with a function of direct recording to an Audio file.