Cubase LE

Please can you advise which versions of Cubase LE are installable & operable on Windows Vista 32bit with 4GB RAM?


it depends, what do you mean by “operable”. Are you going to use it as a MIDI sequencer for HW Instruments or are you going to use many Virtual Instruments? Or mixing with many plug-ins?

In general, I would gues Cubase LE 5.

Thanks,Martin - Hoping to use Cubase to refine/mix/tweek tracks already recorded using HW instruments + microphones on my Zoom R8 audio interface - I have activation code for licence for LE software - but LE 8 will not install on my Windows Vista - hence seeking help/advice exactly how to proceed - what du think?


Activate your Cubase LE 8 license and install Cubase LE 5.

Hi Martin - Thanks for your response - since your response - I have tried again to download & activate the code on windows vista , but it will not install nor will the “licence” on windows vista - please try it your self !! I am only trying to resolve an unforeseen problem with your help .


Plese, don’t sena any code via forum.

I just realised you have to install the lates eLicenser Control Center version to be able to activate Cubase LE 8 license. Can you do this on Windows Vista? Or do you need at least Windows 7?

Hi, Yep,as I said,you cannot activate Cubase latest licence on Windows vista - it will not install - states “system too old minimum system requirement is windows 7”
This is the problem that I`m seeking help with - what version of Cubase LE will install on Windows Vista ??
And how to proceed to successfully install it with my activation code ?


It’s not question of Cubase installation. It’s question of eLCC installation. You don’t need to instal Cubase to be able to activate it, but you need the eLCC.

Hi, many thanks - so how do I proceed then ?


  1. Try to install the latest eLCC on your Windows.
    A) It works
    B) It doesn’t work. Then I’m afraid you cannot do this without USB-eLicenser.

A2) Activate your Cubase LE 8
A3) Install Cubase LE 5.

B2) Buy USB-eLicenser.
B3) Activate your Cubase LE 8 on any other computer with Win 7/8/10 installed.
B4) Transfer the license to the USB-eLicenser.
B5) Instal compatible eLCC version on your system.
B6) Instal Cubase 5 on your system and hope, the license of Cubase LE 8 will be recognised by the old eLCC.

The Best solution would be to upgrade your system to Win 7/8/10.