cubase le

i have cubase LE with a lexicon omega desktop hardware. ive gotten good results but im stuck at the mixdown step where i had limited low quality mixdowns with the LE version of cubase. So what are my options? I can purchase cubase pro 8.5, that will give me unlimited high quality mixdowns right? if possible is there an mp3 export add-on i can purchase and continue using cubase LE?


The engine of Cubase LE and Cubase Pro is the same. Cubase Pro gives you more better plug-ins, you can use to get better sounding mix.

Cubase Pro includes MP3 coder license. For Cubase LE, you have to order it separately.

could you comment further on some of the better plug ins? im sure theres more quality, control and quantity for the effects in pro. I could only put two effects signals into each track with LE… with pro i’d exect to put more than two effects sends into a track if needed.

There are 4 Insert slots in Cubase LE, so you can Insert up to 4 effects to every single track in Cubase LE. In Cubase Pro, there are 8 Insert slots. And there are other tricks, how to extend the count, if you need to.

Yes, in Cubase Pro, there are more plug-ins, and higher quality.