Cubase LE10 Windows 10 Completely unusable for me


For the past three weeks, I have spent hours each day reading tutorials, reading the LE10 manual, watching YouTube tutorial videos in an effort to simply record two VST tracks and one guitar. I have an Apogee Jam+ and I have followed EVERY instruction to assign a mono input and stereo output, to no avail. I use Amplitube as a tack insert but no sound gets to it. The Apogee is recognized within “Audio Connections”, but every time I open Cubase I get a window that reads “Missing Ports” with two “unmapped ports” in red.

I have disabled every other possible input and output device in my computer-disabled Realtek, disabled various bluetooth devices and still…Nothing.

I used Cubase 5 years ago with no difficulty but LE10 is just bricked for me. Ready to dump it completely unless someone has a solution to this. It has made me hate the idea of DAW recording altogether.


Open Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System and select your Apogee driver as an ASIO Driver.

Open Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs and make sure a Mono bus is created. Select the proper Device Port.

Add Mono Audio track, and select the Mono In as an input. Enable Monitor and Record. Start recording.

If you are using Amplitube, make sure the Buffer Size is high enough (Amplitube is quite CPU hungry).