cubase le4 and tascam 144


I have a Tascam 144 interface and Cubase Le4 that came with it, I have had this for a few years now. All has been well until recently. I have changed my computer and am now running Windows 8.1, previously using Windows XP. I have installed everything on the new computer and all seemed to transfere ok however I am now experiencing problems with sound and software stutters and glitches during play back of previously recorded songs.
My question is firstly is my set up usually ok to work with Windows 8.1 and secondly if so does anyone know if these kind of issues are common and what a possible fix might be. If the Tascam / LE4 set up is not compatible with the 8.1 does anyone know a good progression from LE4 and a good interface to go with any suggestions.

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Hi and welcome,

Try to increase the Buffer Size of your Tascam 144 device, please.

In every case, I would strongly recommend you to update to the current Cubase version (Cubase LE), to make sure, it’s compatible with current, and upcoming Windows versions.