Cubase LE4 crashes on Initialization

I have installed an OEM version of LE4 on a Pentium 4 PC with 2 GB of memory. Install went as expected, no issues, however, when I try to open the app I get a Windows error when it is initializing the MIDI. Any ideas as to what may be causing this and any possible solutions? I would like to get this up and running on my PC.
Thanks in advanced for any help or suggestions.

If its an OEM version, its likely that it expects to see the hardware it came with. Do you have the right hardware, or do you have any midi ports on your PC - and what version of Windows?

I have connected the computer, Windows XP, to the Digitech pedal the software came with. I also re-installed the driver for it. I have no installed MIDI ports just the USB MIDI stuff. Even with the re-installed driver I am still getting the Windows crash during initialization of MIDI.

Try installing latest eLCC.

I have the latest version of eLCC installed.

Trash Prefs

I tried that but not sure if I did it correctly. What is the proper procedure for that?