Cubase LE4 ...input port NOT visible

I’ve been searching these forums and people have had somewhat similar problems but after going to device setup they seemed to have fixed the issue…

but mine seems like a different beast.

I have a Tascam US-144 and CubaseLE4. And for some reason, under Device Setup, NONE of the inputs are visible, and as you can see from the screen shot I have my AI selected. The drivers are all up to date, and so is the firmware. How can I get my input ports to be seen??

Thanks in advance. I’ll answer as much questions as possible to help with this. :frowning: I just want to start recording.

Have you changed the clock source to something other than Hardware? What happens then?

I changed the “Sample Clock Source” from ‘automatic’ to ‘internal’, and vice versa, and still nothing. :confused:

and the “Clock Source” in the screenshot it won’t even allow me to change that. It’s stuck on hardware.


Okay. I decided to start the installation over and installed an OLDER driver this time and viola!

I’m not sure why but I guess something about the newest driver gave me compatibility issues. :laughing: Thanks again for feedback!